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Basketball Workout For Point Guards - ballerbootcamp.com

Here's how Part 2 breaks down: Goofy Foot Reverse Layups: Make 5 from 4 spots Midrange Spot Up Jump Shots: Shoot 5 from 5 spots = 25 shots Pull Ups & Step Backs: Make 4 going each direction of each variation

10 Minute POINT GUARD WORKOUT with Coach Damin Altizer - YouTube

Take The Masterclass: https://DeepGameBasketball.com/egtCoach Damin Altizer reveals a lightning-quick skill workout for Point Guards that can be done in just...

USA Basketball - The Definitive 6-Week Guard Workout

Stand in lane in athletic position between the blocks Partners kneels at top of key behind three point line with two basketballs Partner rolls one ball to either block Defensive slide to block, tap ball back to partner, slide back to starting position React to next roll and repeat

Basketball DRILLS For POINT GUARDS! - YouTube

Basketball Drills For Point Guards! In This Video discover some of the best basketball drills for point guards to do to improve their game.DON'T FORGET TO SH...

Point Guard Weight Training Workouts for Basketball – Postema ...

A well-designed point guard weight training program is crucial for basketball success. Basketball players in general, and point guards in particular, often neglect strength training workouts for many reasons, such as time constraints, fear of getting too bulky, or lack of belief in the program's benefits. Any risks of weight training are far exceeded by the benefits of a good program.

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Best Workout Plan for Point Guards – Bench Star Player

Workout Plan for Point Guards Monday Workout Plan. The above workouts will target the upper body. It is recommended to do 12 reps four times per... Tuesday Workout Plan. The above workouts focus on the lower body. Since basketball involves a lot of running and... Thursday Workout Plan. The back and ...

Off-Season Workout for Point Guards [ARTICLE] – Coaches Insider

To plan a successful off-season workout for point guards, you must consider the physiological and biomechanical demands of the sport. Core Conditioning You need a strong core to maintain body composition when performing a layup or dunk, to keep your posture and trunk stable when you're on defense or driving the lane, and for drawing a successful charge.

The Point Guard Off-Season Workout Plan - stack

Basketball point guards are some of the best athletes in all sports. They possess incredible speed, quickness and jumping ability, yet they have the physical strength to battle with bigger and ...