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            1. Grinding Plant

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            3. Products

                      1. MTW Grinding Mill

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                        MTW mill is improved based on years’researching experiences on MTM series grinding mill, it adopts many new technologies such as the whole bevel gear transmission design, the innner thin oil lubrication system and arc air channel.

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                          Applications: MTW Grinding Mill has been widely used in China's metallurgy, electric power, chemical, steel, building materials, coal and other industries, resulting in economic benefits.

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                                                • 1. High efficiency and precision classifier, unique airtightness, which canensure the quality of end products.
                                                  2. The wear-resistant volute can effectively improve the material liquidity, decrease the air volume loss and avoid air energy loss.
                                                  3. The bevel gear overall dive can achieve higher transmission efficiency, easy to install and adjust, long service life and lower cost.
                                                  4. Inner thin oil lubrication system can realize lubrication between main bearing and drive bearing without any additional lubrication pump, easy to maintenance.
                                                  5. The curved surface shovel with split design, only the blade to be replaced during maintenance, thus the shovel has long service life.
                                                  6. The isolated cyclone collector can effectively improving the classifying efficiency and accuracy.
                                                    • MTW Grinding Mill

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                                                            1. 10cric-register
                                                              Model Ring Diameter (mm) Roller Numbers (piece) Main Shaft Speed (r.p.m) Input Size (mm) Output Size (mm/mesh) Capacity (t/h) Overall Dimension (L*W*H,m) Weight (t)
                                                              MTW110 1100 4 120 ≤30 1.6-0.045 (fineness can reach to 0.038) 3.5-10 8425x5041x8642 18
                                                              MTW138 1380 4 96 ≤35 1.6-0.045 (fineness can reach to 0.038) 6.5-18 10920x9470x10227 34
                                                              MTW175 1750 5 75 ≤40 1.6-0.045 (fineness can reach to 0.038) 11-25 12182x8835x9916 46
                                                              MTW215 2150 5 65 ≤50 1.6-0.075 (fineness can reach to 0.038) 30-45 14730x10860x10341 92

                                                              Unit: KW Main Unit Classifier Blower Crusher Bucket Elevator Electro-vibrating Feeder
                                                              MTW110 55 7.5 55 15 3 0.15
                                                              MTW138 90 18.5 110 22 4 0.2
                                                              MTW175 160 37 200 22 4 0.45
                                                              MTW215 280 90 315 110 11 0.65

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